Cabbage Pathrode

  • This is a traditional Mangalore-Udupi cuisine and is a variation of the famous Ire Pathrode made of Colocasia leaves. If you dont get Colocasia leaves or dont know how to select non-itchy leaves, Cabbage Pathrode is a substitute for your cravings.


  • Cabbage – 1/4 of a medium sized cabbage
  • Oil – 1Tbsp
  • Khara dose batter


Prepare Khara dose batter as described under Dosa menu. The batter should be thick for this recipe and not like the dosa batter.
Chop the cabbage into fine pieces. Lightly fry the cabbage with 1 Tbsp of oil till the raw smell goes away. Allow it to cool.
Mix the cooled cabbage to khara dose batter. The consistency should be so as to make balls out of the batter.
Make balls and steam the same for about 40mins.


If the batter is not too thick or you are unable to make balls, you can use the idly stand or steel glass and steam the mixture in them.
Pierce a knief and check if no batter is stuck to it. 
Pathrode is ready to serve.
Eat them with butter and/or sugar.