Bread Uttappa

If you are bored of Bread and Dosa, Bread Uttappa is your solution. This quick dish can be prepared for Breakfast or as a snack.

Ingredients (Serves 4 slices)

  • Fine Semolina – 1 Cup
  • Whisked Yogurt – 1 Cup
  • Chopped Onions – 1
  • Grated Carrot – 1
  • Chopped Capsicum – 1/2 big size
  • Jeera – 2Tbsp
  • Chilly Powder – 1 Tsp
  • Asafoetida – 1 pinch
  • Salt
  • Bread – 4


Add Semolina, Yogurt, chopped onions, grated carrot, chopped capsicum, jeera, chilly powder, salt and Asafoetida in a bowl and mix well
Add water to adjust consistency. The batter should not be runny and should be pouring consistency.
Take a bread slice and dab the batter to it and cover the bread with the batter.
Place the bread with the batter side down on a heated tawa.
Spread butter to the other side of the bread while the batter is getting cooked.
Cook it till the batter is nicely toasted.
Flip the bread, so that the butter side gets toasted as well.
Repeat with the remaining bread slices.
Bread Uttappam is ready to eat. Slice them into rectangles and serve with tomato ketchup or mint Chutney.