Assorted uttapams. Click below to find out.

banana dose

I usually do this dosa when there are ignored ripe bananas at home and there is no dosa batter and need to fix a quick breakfast.

cucumber sweet dose

This dosa has a nice aroma of cucumber and elaichi. Thekids love it.

khara dose

This is my base batter and I use it to make other varieties of dosa. I make Spinach khara dosa, Methi leaves khara dosa, Sweet potato dosa, cabbage dosa with the same batter. All recipes can be found under Khara dose menu.  

Menthe dose

Menthe Dose is an alternative for Urad Dose. For those who can’t eat urad much, like elderly or during postpartum care, Menthe dose is a savior

neer dose

Neer Dose is our family’s all time favourite. Kids absolutely love it and is a traditional dish, is a coastal delicacy.  

cucumber neer dose

This is a variation of regular Neer Dose. If you are looking at hiding veggies in your Dose, make Cucumber Dose.

rawa dose

My kids absolutely love this dose and I am happy too since it is nutritional with veggies in it.  

rawe dose

This dose can be made during Ekadasi or any other fast, or generally for elders who dont prefer rice dosa for breakfast 

tomato omelette

This dosa is for vegetarians and does not contain egg. Hope you like it! 

urad dose

This dosa has a nice aroma of cucumber and elaichi. Thekids love it.

vegetable dose

This recipe will give you restaurant style vegetable dosa. Vegetable dosa is healthy as well as filling and is great when entertaining guests. Urad dosa batter is used for this dosa.